Wednesday, October 7, 2009


OM-freaking-G! Why the expression, right? Let me show you why... Do you think that the girl next door can transform into a modelle (model in french)? Just let me show you living proof la, meet Nicole Y. a.k.a. HBIC.

Before: Counter girl at starbucks striking a pose

Stare very well into the first picture above. Female working at starbucks minus the pose= girl next door. Now, wait for it, wait for it.....


After: Modelle Nicole Y. giving a soultry and smoking pose

You awesome thing la, woman. Now, she will be in a magazine called modelle with other 49 contestants. So, i guess the monthly purchase of teenvogue, Channel E and double eyelid stickers must have paid off. So people, show your love by voting for her! Watch out because this girl will be rocking your socks off!!

Vote for Nicole:


SMS to 36660

RM 1.00/vote
Telco charges applied

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just do it

I have an infinite amount of things I want do when I am still alive and I can tell you this, some of the to-do-things on my list are super lame. For example, dancing in the rain and riding on one of those awesome looking police motorbikes. I just have this weird attraction to it when I see it on the road. Don't you? Maybe it is just me. I also want to bungee jump in New Zealand and climb at least a mountain to see the sun rise at the horizon. I sound so adventurous, wow! I surprise myself half of the time. Well, I believe that we only have one chance to do whatever we want to. So instead of just sitting at home fan-girling over hot Korean actors, like someone *coughsrachelcoughs*, get on your feet, save some money and go to Korea.

Yesterday evening, I was reversing my car from the parking lot and I am very sure that I checked my mirrors before letting go of the brake. So, reversing, reversing, reversing, HONK!!! There was a car behind of my car. Apparently, I tapped his car. However, my bumper still looks brand new. He came out, I came out and of course la, he talked about how I did not see his car. I said I am so sorry, so so sorry, trying to look innocent. Then, he said GOD.... I thought, WILL SEND YOU TO HELL. But instead, he said MUST HAVE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. In my head, I thought GOD LOVES ME for tapping your car? That is a first! He then went on saying that I am so lucky as the area of the car I TAPPED is the area he wants to repair because it had scratches and dents from a previous accident. Therefore, to the man who drives a red savvy and works in carrefour express, I am so sorry and I thank you so much for letting me go without needing to pay anything.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A picture speaks a thousand words

9 months of college+ crazy people+ memorable moments+ a camera= 10289255443829890 words

Pictures of today, memories of tomorrow. It has indeed been a fun journey.

Till the next post, XOXO.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yo! *That is my inner gangsterina, as Rui Sheng would say*

First and foremost, I would like to give myself a pat on the back for succeeding in surprising Elizabeth. You should have seen her epic "cacat" face. Thank goodness I have such a blur friend because she did not have a clue about what was going to happen on that Sunday afternoon.

My brilliant plan:
I called her up to talk and then I casually asked her for her friend's number. I then texted her friend and asked for her boyfriend's number. I am such a good pretender. I later asked Rebecca, Mei Lin and a whole other bunch whether they could attend. However, most of them could not. Fail!

So initially, it was supposed to be just lunch with Elizabeth. After that, the other two jokers, Rebecca and Mei Lin showed up. At that moment, she was already surprised. She knew I called them and she hugged me because she could not believe they came. Do you see how blur she is?

Moving on, half way through lunch, her friend called me and asked whether we were ready. I told her we were and 5 minutes later, 9 of her college friends came with a cake. She was even more shocked. Then she looked at me and pointed. You! Oh-Em-Gee, aww come here. She hugged me and I nearly teared up. She was so happy. It was a good thing the waterworks did not come gushing down or else there would have been two idiots crying in Italiannies.

It felt so good to plan a surprise on her. After that, we gave Elizabeth time to spend with her college buddies. Then, the three of us, Rebecca, Mei Lin and I went on our "Young and Aimless" mission. It was definitely an Oh-Em-Gee, Wth, sending grandma home, getting lost, chickening out, coconut stall moment. Only the young and aimless would know what I mean. Coming to think of it, we should start a club called non other than The Young and Aimless. It will be our own little thing. What do you say, Rebecca and Mei Lin?

The epic "cacat" Elizabeth expression

Till the next post, XOXO.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Brithday!

Sheryl Soon, 28 August 1992

Her initials, SS says it all. She is the epitome of "Syok Sendiri". There was one time, during Chemistry class, I was sitting next to her and fiddling with my plastic ruler. All of a sudden, that plastic thing just came straight for my face at full force like a rubber band and right after that, you could hear a burst of laughter. It was Sheryl. I still think it was mean but she thinks otherwise, funny! She also gets really excited about the tortoises that sunbathe in Asia Cafe. Now you see how she "syok sendiri'?

Elizabeth Lee, 29 August 1991

How did I meet her? Well, for this, I have to owe it to my pink JCalli umbrella. It was sports day in year 2004, the sun was burning us alive and just so happened, I had my umbrella with me. So, there we were, two girls under a pink umbrella, not knowing that they would be the best of friends years from then.

It sounds like an epic Korean drama but the only problem is, it was Elizabeth. Have you seen this girl do the 100m dash before? If you have, you would never have thought that she would be playing dodge ball for her college every Wednesday. Random fact about her, she had a celebrity crush on Liam Aiken back in form 2 and she shares the same birthday as the late Michael Jackson.

Liam Aiken. I actually did a collage of his pictures for her.

We also dreamt that one day we would own a fashion line. Brace yourself... We were going to name it Fabulous! An awesome friend would be an understatement.

Doris Phuah, 30 August 1991

We became really close friends in Form 2. A year after that, we attended a friend's small birthday celebration. Little did I knew that we were going to a club/pub/social club after that. I told my parents that I went to a "mamak" stall to eat tosai instead. Weirdly, they bought it. It must have been my good daughter reputation. It was a one time thing and I honestly felt like a fish out of water, literally. However, she was having so much fun and was giggling in the background when I called my parents. That was one of the many memorable moments with her. She is also afraid of cats and I named the white fluffy cat in the canteen after her but with a B, Boris!

Alethea Nair, 31 August 1991

Alethea is the totally opposite of me. I like purple, she likes black. I like shopping, she likes sitting on the bench while waiting for the shopper. However, there is one thing we both agree on, that is, Leonardo diCaprio was hot in Titanic. She looks tough on the outside but deep down somewhere, I know that she is a softie. One day, she came over to my house to bake cupcakes and to watch Titanic. I forewarned her that I will be crying during the movie. Then, came this really sad part where everyone was dying. I looked at her and she was lifting her glasses, wiping her watery eyes with a tissue paper, crying probably more than me. Immediately, I started laughing. Who would have thought that she would be crying? Her favourite quote from the movie: Where to madam? To the stars. She also thinks that I am way too girly for her.

Till the next post, XOXO.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Maybe. It could mean a yes or a no or everything in between. There is a song by Yiruma played on the piano and it is entitled maybe. Just imagine, a girl who is sitting by the window and it is drizzling outside. The clouds are grey and she wonders whether the guy she likes feels the same way about her. Well, maybe he does, that was what she thought. Someone once said, think of that situation and then play the song. With that, emotions will be felt through the touch of the fingers.

Would not it be easier if maybe never existed? One thing is clear though, when a girl says maybe, she actually means yes. In most cases, she just wants to test the waters and have a little fun while at it. If. Another word that can make a person think harder than possibly anything else. The possibilities that run through a person's mind can be excruciating and puzzling. Not even statistics in mathematical studies can beat the what ifs in life. Yet again, just imagine a day without maybes and ifs. Life would be uneventful, plain and lack of enigma. What is your say?

Till the next post, XOXO.

Monday, August 17, 2009


So, SAM is on break and being at home most of the time leads me into thinking random things. For example, what is jambu air called in English? I bet that, right now, at this very moment, you are saying to yourself, OMG, I have never thought of such a startling fact! Are you curious now? So, after googling it, I went on finding other random facts and here is what I got.

I shall now reveal the much awaited English term for this tropical fruit. It is known as water apple or rose apple. So, that is random fact #1.

Random fact #2: There are more men than women in the world
Random fact #3: The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottle is the number of varieties of pickles the company once had

Random fact #4: There are only 10 human body parts that are 3 letters long (hip, eye, leg, lip, ear, toe, jaw, rib, gum and arm)
Random fact #5: I like eating asparagus
Random fact #6: Stressed is dessert spelled backwards
Random fact #7: On average there are 178 sesame seeds on a McDonald's Big Mac bun.
Random fact #8: The American car horns beep in the tone of F
Random fact #9: Karaoke means empty orchestra in Japanese
Random fact #10: I have jumped off a moving bus before.

Till the next post, XOXO.